Who doesn’t like summer? Certainly not your pets. It is a great time to get out and take long walks or let your pet stay outside. Summer is a wonderful time of the year but like all good things, you have to make sure you don’t overdo it. Too much heat can be as dangerous to your pets as it is to you. At Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, we provide a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pets safe in the summer and all year round. Dr. Hein has put together some tips that can help keep your furry friends safe.

Don’t Leave Your Pets in the Car

Taking your pet with you is a natural thing. Many pets enjoy their road trips in the car. You may be tempted to just leave your pet in the car for a minute while you run into a store or to visit someone, but don’t do it. You may not think it is very hot outdoors, but the temperature inside the car can rise to alarming heights in a very short time. Dogs and cats can overheat easily.

Avoid the Heat of the Day

Pets that normally enjoy outdoor activities will still enjoy them in the summer months. It is up to you as their owner to make sure they avoid the hottest times of the day. Take your dog for a walk or a run in the early morning or the evening whenever possible.

Plenty of Water and Shade

Make sure your pets have plenty of water to drink and a shady place to lie. If your pet is outdoors a great deal of the time, you may want to check in on it frequently to make sure it is staying cool and safe.

Don’t Shave Your Pet

You may think that shaving your pet will make it cooler in the warm weather, but actually, the opposite is true. Their coats offer protection from the heat and sunburns.

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