Specialized Medical Help for Raptors

When obtaining professional medical care for animals, most folks are used to going to the vet for their dog or cat, maybe even reptile or rodent. However, raptors, including owls, hawks, and eagles, have an entirely different set of needs. Everything from the pet exam to any prescriptions and pet rehabilitation has a different approach than most other animal veterinarians typically see and treat.

Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, WI, has experience with raptors and is here to help.

Expert Help Makes a Huge Difference

Unlike a general veterinarian, a raptor veterinarian has to go through additional specialization in the field because of the nature of both bird health and techniques specific to the raptor species. Add in the fact that raptors are not the most cooperating patients, and their claws and beaks are naturally designed to cause harm, these large-winged patients can be quite a handful.

While clearly designed to live and survive in the wild, raptors in captivity are very sensitive creatures and can be prone to becoming sick with the wrong foods, environment, or activity. Injury is a common problem with raptors, especially to their wings. An expert who understands how these creatures live and function is critical to proper recovery.

Raptor Pet Exam and Vet Services for Holmen, WI

If you’re in the Holmen, WI, area with a unique raptor pet that needs proper medical care or pet rehabilitation, Van Loon Animal Hospital is the place to go. We provide the ideal team and expert veterinarian care for raptor patients, including owls, hawks, eagles, and vultures.

While every licensed vet out there is trained to deal with a variety of animals, raptors need special care and veterinarians prepared to handle their unique needs. Van Loon Animal Hospital has this specialized training and is ready to serve your pet’s needs. Give us a call today at (608) 526-2200.

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