Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year for everyone, including your four-legged friends, but it can also be dangerous. At Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen, we would like to share some holiday pet safety tips to ensure everyone stays safe during this festive season.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Away from Your Pets

Christmas trees can be a source of danger for any pet because they can easily be knocked over. If you have mixed fertilizer in with the water for a natural tree, it can cause stomach problems, if your pet drinks it. Make sure not to put your pet’s food bowls near the tree because sharp pine needles can be extremely hazardous if they are swallowed.

Flowers and Other Decorations

Mistletoe, evergreens, and holly can be toxic to your pets and can lead to an array of unpleasant side effects. Always pay close attention wherever you have your holiday presents lying around. Pets are naturally curious, and this habit could lead to an emergency trip to the veterinarian’s office.

Electrical Cords

Cords are not just a source of concern for humans but for pets as well. Pets can easily mistake electrical cords for chew toys, which could prove quite harmful to their health or even deadly if the jolt is high enough. Ensure that any cords are tightly secured and out of reach from your pets. There will be plenty of toys and electronics that require batteries, which can also burn the inside of an animal’s mouth or damage the stomach if ingested.

Be Careful with Food You’re Giving Pets

It can be tempting to share holiday treats with your pet, but there are certain foods you should keep away from your pet, as listed below:

  • dark chocolate and cookie dough
  • bones and skins of poultry products
  • salted foods and spices (nutmeg and cinnamon)
  • onions, grapes, and raisins

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