Dental health is related to so many other aspects of well-being for your pet. Make sure that they are not suffering from pet dental issues by visiting your veterinarian at Van Loon Animal Hospital in Holmen.

Some reasons why dental hygiene is important for pets include: 

Bad Breath: 

Don’t assume it is normal for your dog or cat to have bad breath; this is often a sign of a more serious issue, like gum disease or tooth decay. Acclimate your pet to getting their teeth brushed to curb bad breath and prevent dental problems, but make sure to only use brushes and toothpaste that are made for pets.

Periodontal Disease: 

Dental hygiene, brushing, and regular vet visits also identify  periodontal disease, which is a common reason why pets lose their teeth. This is a condition that stems from plaque build-up along the gumline, decaying teeth and causing discomfort. It is also prevalent in humans, too.


Brushing your pets’ teeth also gives you the opportunity to spot a cavity. If cavities go unnoticed, your pet will suffer and could lose weight or become ill. This further reinforces the need to see a veterinary provider regularly and to report any behavioral changes that may be caused by dental hygiene issues.


How will you know if your dog or cat has any injuries to their mouth or teeth? Check their mouth regularly and look for broken or traumatized teeth that could lead to pain or infection later. An infection can spread from the mouth and create heart issues and even death.

Ensure your pet has no problems with dental health by having their teeth checked annually by your veterinarian. This also serves to pinpoint any potential issues before they can become painful problems.

Does Your Pet Have Dental Issues? Call Us to Learn More. 

If you live in the Holmen area, call Van Loon Animal Hospital at 608-526-2200 to make an appointment without our veterinarian. Dental hygiene is critical to your pet’s holistic health and overall well-being. Don’t let dental issues cause unnecessary grief, pain, and money.

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