FAQs About Pet Grooming

Whether you have a dog or a cat, pet grooming is important for their health. When you’re in Holmen, WI, you can turn to the professionals at Van Loon Animal Hospital. We’ll make sure that your furry friend gets the attention they need so that they look and feel great. When your pet visits the veterinarian we will make sure that he or she is properly washed and groomed based on your pet’s breed. We will take care of all of the little things that go into making sure that they look and smell their best, too.

When should a puppy be groomed for the first time?

While puppies may get into all sorts of trouble, you want to wait until after they receive their first set of shots. This means that you will need to wait at least 12 to 16 weeks before bringing your puppy into the groomer. It will also ensure that they have a great experience.

Are special needs animals able to be groomed?

Some pet owners may assume that their pet is too old to be groomed. However, this is all the more reason to have them groomed. Keeping the hair short can make it easier to identify skin conditions. Additionally, if there are any other special needs, such as mobility issues or tumors, our veterinarian is on-site to help with the grooming process.

How frequently should a dog be groomed?

Often, the frequency of pet grooming visits is based on the owner. You don’t want to groom too frequently as it can dry out the skin. Typically, you want to go at least six weeks. Some breeds may need to go as early as every four weeks due to their long hair while short-haired breeds can often go eight to twelve weeks in between appointments.

Why should veterinarians handle grooming?

Many people simply choose a pet groomer based on available services and pricing. However, by choosing a vet, you ensure that the highest level of care is provided. Additionally, we will know about the various areas to clean and care for based on your pet’s breed. During the grooming appointment, we will tend to your pet’s eyes, ears, and teeth. Should there be any issues, we will identify them so that you can bring your pet in for an appointment with the veterinarian.

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If you live in or around Holmen, WI, and you’re looking for grooming services for your furry friend, call Van Loon Animal Hospital today at (608) 526-2200 to schedule an appointment. We offer grooming services Monday through Friday and make it easy for you to get your pet in for a bath and/or haircut.

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